Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home NegligenceElderly, disabled and dependent adults often rely on nursing homes to provide most, if not all, of their daily care, including food, water, medicine, toileting, grooming, social and physical stimulation.

Nursing home neglect laws encompass the federal and state governments that establish uniform standards for nursing homes to provide adequate care for the residents and ensure their protection and safety. Because many nursing homes are not sufficiently staffed, and the staff there is generally underpaid, millions of elder and dependent adults are recurrently being neglected and abused.

Whether it is a single incident that causes injury or recurrent neglect or abuse, the victim or his/her next of kin has a right to bring claims against the nursing home under nursing home neglect laws. If the nursing home is found to be negligent or abusive, the victim and/or next of kin will generally be awarded monetary compensation and the nursing home could potentially lose its certification for failing to supply the expected care.

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