I admit that prior to becoming an NMTLA board member I was extremely naive about the relationship between the practice of law, politics, political candidates and fundraising.  The law is created year after year in Courts, Congress, and State Legislatures.  Wealthy corporate interest groups would love for us to fall asleep at the wheel or better yet, die, because we are the individuals who hold them accountable by costing them money when they value profits over human safety.

If we do not financially support those elected government representatives who carry laws designed to protect the rights of injured or exploited people, then our courts will be rendered meaningless because the laws applied will be fundamentally unfair to those individuals who we represent.

I know that I am preaching to the choir but this message is for those who have not yet contributed financially to fair minded candidates.  The favorable state of the law in New Mexico would not exist except for the half century efforts of those altruistically minded trial lawyers who keep scraping their dollars together to assist the candidates who believe in our cause. Thank you to these individuals who keep digging in their pockets over and over each year. I know some of us do not have as many dollars as others, but if each member contributed a small sum each month we would have hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to fight for justice and the burden would not fall on the few.

Our battles inside and outside the court room will continue and our battles for candidates who will help us fight for justice will continue.  Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican this election will affect what we are able to do for our clients and what kind of a world we will leave for our children. The issues in this election call for vigorous debate, and I think it’s fair to say that we have answered the call. However, amid our differences, we are in this organization for one purpose – to fight for the rights of the injured and abused. I am hoping that after the election we can come back together and even reach out to those who think differently to find a middle ground that is productive. After all that is what we are asking our national leaders to do – to move our country forward. Despite all the turmoil, I am confident that our collective values and inherent strength will get us through this terrible time.

Please vote and encourage your staff, family and friends to vote.

Denise M. Torres