The law firm of Denise M. Torres LLC provides clients with mediation, representation and advice on all aspects of personal injury in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area and throughout the state. Denise M. Torres is New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer.

As an experienced personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice lawyer serving the injured and their families since 1993, Denise M. Torres founded the firm in 2012 to continue with personal injury representation but with an expansion of her mediation practice.

In working as a mediator, Denise chairs discussions to settle legal disputes by finding points of agreement among those in conflict for a fair resolution. Her strengths as a mediator originate from the frontline work Denise has done and continues to do in representing people hurt or wronged through no fault of their own.

In 2008, the Supreme Court of New Mexico appointed Denise to serve on the state’s Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC) in which she issues evaluations on  justices and judges standing for retention at the statewide, district and county levels.  As one of seven lawyers on the 15-person commission, Denise currently holds the position of JPEC chairwoman and volunteers her time to fulfill this civic duty.